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What Is Standing In Your Way?

I am working with a new client on his job hunt. He is extremely bright, has a strong work history, and is motivated to work. So what is going on in his life that is standing in his way? Why is he struggling to make positive progress toward his goal? We are just starting to explore this to uncover what might be in his way.

Over the years I have found there are three common road blocks people face when in a state of change. So let’s explore some of the most common areas of concern. They might surprise you, but here is what I have found that hold most people back: Fear of failure, fear of success, and pride.

Before we start exploring these areas, I need to ask you a few questions: What is standing in your way? What are your personal roadblocks in your job search? Is it the idea of creating a résumé? Is it figuring out what you really want to do? Is it the idea of asking for help? What do you think might be holding you back? Is it failure? Success? Pride?

Fear of failure is a tough thing to admit and face. What if you give your 100 percent and you still don’t find a job? Yikes! That is a very real possibility and a very scary thought. It is possible that will happen. Maybe you live in a dying town and there really aren’t any jobs where you live. What if your skill set is not in demand anymore because it has been replaced by a machine? I meet a hospital tech who just gave up his job of 20 years to a robot. That hurts! Some people stop looking because they are afraid. We have to face our fear and admit it to ourselves so we can move past it. Are you afraid to fail? More importantly, have you become afraid of trying?

Fear of success can also be a major stumbling block. What if you step out there and you win? What if when you get that dream job and things are different. People may expect more out of you. You might be surrounded by all new people. What if your friends don’t support your new-found success? What if you aren’t as good as you thought? To all these and the other 1,000 questions you are asking, I just say stop! Don’t listen to them. Just stop thinking about it all those thoughts and do it anyway. What do you really have to lose if you win?

Pride is the final and most dangerous roadblock you may face. Pride shows up in multiple ways. One way is by being too proud to ask for help. You may be too proud to admit you don’t know it all. I have shared with you before the first time I lost my job. I too had to ask for help with my résumé. Here I was, a 20-year human resources veteran, and I needed someone to help me write my résumé. You talk about having to swallow some pride. I was talking to a friend who is too proud to go back to school at 45. What is your pride stopping you from doing?

I am challenging you today to look at what might be standing in your way of having all the success you deserve. Is it failure, success, or pride?

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