Have You Been Fired or Laid Off?

It is really tough to handle being fired or laid off. It is a major blow to the ego and to your overall self-esteem. You will go through the entire grieving process. I encourage you to grieve and deal with these normal feelings of loss.

I have worked with many people who were unexpectedly laid off or fired. I even went through it myself– twice. It is a bummer and can take a long time to get over. I have a few tricks that might help you as you move forward after a real-life crisis like a layoff or termination.


Does the World Know You’re Looking?

The idea that people need know you’re looking for your dream job can be scary for some. Letting people know you are in job hunting mode can make you feel vulnerable. You might have to explain that you got laid off or even fired. You might have to explain to people that you are in this situation because of something you did or didn’t do.

You might have to actually ask for help.


Would You Hire You?

Would you hire you? Think about it for a minute. If you looked back on the last 24 hours you worked, would you be impressed? How about the last 30, 60, and 90 days? Would you hire yourself?

It is important to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis. This is something to consider, whether you are employed or actively seeking a new job. It helps you put things into perspective.