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Are They Ever Going to Call?

It is much easier to be patient when it is not you waiting for the phone call. I am working with a client who had a great first interview and was waiting on a call back for a second interview. At the end of the phone call, the employer said they would get back to her. They did call her back, and now they are trying to set up a phone interview. So far, the two people can’t get their schedules coordinated. So now she is anxiously awaiting the call back from the employer. Her question to me is, “What should I do while I wait? I had several ideas for her that might work for you too.

First, keep doing what you are doing. If you have a daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you are doing, don’t stop doing them. You have to keep moving forward and your sights need to stay focused on your dream job. If you are in a full-blown job search, don’t wait around. Be proactive. Keep looking for jobs, applying for ones that might be a good fit, and making sure people know you are still looking for the perfect job.

Second, figure out a way to keep your name in front of them. If you haven’t already, send a handwritten thank you note. Go ahead and do it today. I promise it will be a pleasant surprise for the potential employer to receive a handwritten note in the company mailbox. It is still so rare for people to take the time to write a note. So take five minutes and write the note and take it to the mailbox (it will be exercise for you too). You could also keep your name in front of them by sending an article via email that relates to the job or the company. It will make sure they don’t forget about you. I know this may seem bold, but you have to be a little bold. After all, you are trying to get your dream job.

Next, take care of yourself. I eluded to it earlier with your walk to the mailbox. It is important to keep taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally. You need to get in shape or at least try to stay fit by exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough rest. Don’t forget to keep yourself in emotional shape as well. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, books, and ideas.

Lastly, do something for someone else. There is nothing like taking your mind off you by doing something kind for someone else. Maybe you could take out your neighbor’s trash or maybe you could meet with an old friend to catch up. How about volunteering in a nursing home or at the local library? The key is taking the attention off of yourself and putting it on someone else.

I am not promising these things will make the time go any quicker, but it sure will make it seem like it. So go out there stay busy, follow up, keep in shape, and do something nice for someone else. It certainly can’t hurt.

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